CANALETTO : designer of 3D effect

21 Sep 2012 - Art History, Arts, Exhibitions

The Maillol Museum offers until February 10 the exhibition Canaletto in Venice. We discover the famous Venetian vedute who made the fame of the artist, and  quickly understand why this success was so fast and durable.
Canaletto had developed an innovative approach for the treatment of perspective that he steadily improved, and this was combined with research to make light natural.
Drawings, use of the camera obscura (optical device for projecting a real view on a paper in order to draw it), juxtaposition of different and concomitant viewpoints make this Venetian life becomes more lifelike with a peak for this “Staircase of the Giants in the Ducal Palace” (174 x 136 cm, our photograph) where the 3D effect is such that we would like to enter the picture! Awesome! Venetian getaway in the heart of Paris and step on the Artistic Itineray from Montparnasse to Rue du Bac to download